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Adult Chemo Cap Patterns. Home > Chemo Cap Patterns > Adult Chemo Cap Patterns. I found several websites that have free crochet beanie & hat patterns. Here are just a few that I thought would be great for donating as chemo caps. If you have a pattern you would like to submit.

Jun 09, 2017 · It's never been so easy to crochet for charity. These Easy Chemo Caps are a perfect crochet pattern to work up in a jiffy so you can donate a few to your favorite organization. These Chemo Caps are written to fit an adult woman's head, but can be eas4.5/5(8).

I’m sharing this easy crochet chemo cap pattern in support of the 2018 Cancer Hat Challenge. Sharing an easy crochet cancer hat pattern with you all means a lot to me, because my grandma Linda, the matriarch of our family, is a breast cancer survivor.