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The realm of E-stim sex toys is huge, but the two main groups are dedicated to either outer or inner simulation. Each group has its perks and provides different sensation levels. E-stim toys for external stimulation are 100% non-invasive, while internal options include thrusting, and overall provide a spur that's way more intense.Author: Web Merchants, Inc.

Erotic, electrical impulses can bring you to a mind-blowing orgasm or get you ready for an amazing night of BDSM play. Note that all of our electrostimulation sex toys require a power source and electrodes. Be sure to always warm-up the skin and apply a lube or gel before stimulation and discontinue use if .

From mild to wild, we have male estim toys to stimulate, the penis, nipples, prostate, balls, urethra & more. See for yourself the variety of electro sex toy options for men. Enjoy great prices and guaranteed satisfaction - shop now and save!