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Boys spanking stories. bad must be spanked hard. writing stories. Kevin Bridges and the his spanking stories 28/09/2013 10:29. Like all boys Kevin was a cheeky 9 year old boy but when he over stepped the mark he would get a spanking from his dad and sometimes his mum also give him a spanking. His older Brother Dillon is also allowed to spank.

Stories about spanking young boys This blog is for men who believe using frequent spanking and other forms of discipline to punish young boys is essential for their up bringing If you find strict discipline of young boys offensive, this blob may not be for you. What every liittle boy needs. Sunday, February 5, .

But we neither have the capacity nor the desire to compete with male; so we will not. We will encurage you to use their site for stories. But as they do not carry women spanking older males (F/M) and do not encourage women spanking boys (F/m) stories. We will gladly host those stories here.