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May 21, 2014 · There are some atrial cardiomyocyte cell lines, like HL-1 and AT-1 cells derived from mouse atrial tumors; however, there are no adult ventricular cardiomyocyte cell lines available for research. Primary cell cultures of adult mouse cardiomyocytes provide a powerful model for heart research at the cellular and molecular levels.Cited by: 24.

Several methods have previously demonstrated the isolation of adult mouse cardiomyocytes for short-term study, but to date, few reports exist of the long-term culture of adult-mouse cardiomyocytes. 18,19 The ability to maintain adult mouse cardiomyocytes in culture should enable the in vitro study of cardiomyocyte biology under experimental Cited by: 2.

Introduction. The isolated adult ventricular mouse cardiomyocyte is an important research tool in molecular and cellular cardiology. In contrast to the isolation of rat cardiomyocytes, which reliably yields high cell counts and high percentages of viable myocytes that can be maintained in culture for up to 5 days [], healthy mouse cardiomyocytes are difficult to isolate and can be maintained Cited by: 14.