Excess body weight: A major health issue in America - top health concerns in american adults


Society of Certified Senior Advisors: Top 10 Health Concerns of Older Adults top health concerns in american adults

Jul 03, 2017 · Health differences are often due to economic and social conditions that are more common among African Americans than whites. For example, African American adults are more likely to report they cannot see a doctor because of cost. All Americans should have equal opportunities to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Public health professionals can.

Surprisingly, Americans rank cancer high above infectious diseases like the Zika virus as their most significant health care concern. Earlier this month, the Mayo Clinic released its Pulse Check: Health Opinions and Behaviors in America report, which delved into Americans’ health perspectives on .

May 03, 2019 · Obesity is a risk factor in three of the five top causes of death among African Americans—diabetes, heart disease and stroke—and it ranks as a top health concern for African Americans. [12] According to the American Heart Association, 63 percent of non-Hispanic black men age 20 and older and 77 percent of women overweight or obese. [13].