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Beyond the Slides: Using Audiovisuals Effectively | CPI using audiovisual with adult learners

Here are 7 easy visual aids you can start using in your classes today! A picture is worth a thousand words.Nowhere is this truer than in the ESL classroom.Suppose after a verb game or during some reading comprehension exercise, one of your curious students wants to know the difference between “He danced at the party” and “He was dancing Author: Ryan.

Be careful about using an audiovisual as a time-filler or as a substitute for interaction or activities. There is a strong temptation to do so with some of the resources and tools we describe in this article. Use caution in placing too much information on one visual—this may confuse adult learners rather than enhance their learning.

Effective instructors realize the importance of audio visual materials in teaching and learning. Without audiovisuals, students may struggle to comprehend new concepts and lose interest in school.