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Fourth step: Advertise your new senior service business in local senior publications and at local senior centers. Print business cards with a special deal – 20% off the first week of home care, for example – on the back side. This will help you draw in new clients, but still allow you to make money.Author: Craig Wallin.

Healthy home care agencies understand the huge advantage of learning creative ideas to find families that are in need of your services. As owner, manager, or marketing representative of your home care agency, implement some of the following practical strategies to procure valuable client referrals. 12 sure-fire ways to get new home care clients.

Adult family homes are residential long-term care facilities that provide personal care services, as well as room and board for up to six adults. Homes are typically located in specially retrofitted private houses in residential neighborhoods. Some adult family homes are run by a single person or married couple who live in the home with residents.