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Virgin Trains U.K. Makes it Awesome with PowtoonHey! Nick from Powtoon here, and today, I want to share the inspiring story of Rich from Virgin Trains U.K.Virgin Trains U.K. runs high-speed r How Rich from Virgin Trains U.K. 10xed His Training & Development Engagement KPIs .

May 07, 2019 · 7. CIO Interview: John Sullivan, Virgin Trains In this episode Pasi goes and meets John Sullivan, CIO and Project Director at Virgin Trains. We talk about importance of employee and customer experience to the business, how traditional KPIs do not matter and how trust and transparency is .

Jun 17, 2019 · John Sullivan, CIO and Project Director at Virgin Trains is passionate about happiness.. Virgin Trains – like all Virgin enterprises – is known for an attitude that stands out. Screw average, create amazing is the core idea behind every decision.Virgin Trains is doing just that.