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apple bottom jeans son

Lyrics to 'Apple Bottom Jeans' by T-Pain: [Chorus] Shawty had them Apple Bottom Jeans [Jeans] Boots with the fur [With the fur] The whole club was lookin at her She hit the floor [She hit the floor].

"Low" is written in common time with a moderate tempo of 120 beats per minute while T-Pain's vocal range spans nearly two octaves from B♭ 2 to F ♯ 4. The song makes references to a "Shawty" in a club who is wearing Apple Bottom jeans and boots with fur.Genre: Southern hip hop, crunk.

Apple Bottom jeans. Apple Bottoms is a fashion brand for women launched in 2003 by rap artist Nelly, Yomi Martin and Ian Kelly. The brand was initially a denim label, but has since expanded to include other women's and girl's clothing, perfume and accessories.