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How to Touch a Man - Sexual Touch Secrets how to touch a naked man

May 19, 2004 · How to Touch a Naked Man. It's a way to expand your definition of touch beyond the tactile: You can touch a man by the way you look at him and by Author: Pamela Lister.

Mar 31, 2003 · "Anyone can learn how to touch a man, and if you start off knowing some basic principles, you can just follow his cues on how to turn his whole body into an erogenous zone," says Linda Sonntag.

May 27, 2015 · Now you can touch his penis, with your vagina, while naked, as much as you want. Rub your pubis on his penis over and over until he says, “Yay!” Once he says yay, you’ll know: You’ve touched a naked man on the penis with your vagina.