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National Lampoon The Naked and The Nude: Hollywood and Beyond is a humor book that was published by Harmony Books in 1976 as a trade paperback.It was a spin-off of National Lampoon magazine.. The cover of the book says that it was "directed by" Brian McConnachie, an Emmy award-winning writer who was one of the major contributors to National Lampoon magazine.Author: Brian McConnachie, Louise Gikow (Editor).

During the 1970s and early 1980s, a few films were made as spin-offs from the original National Lampoon magazine, using some of the magazine's creative staff to put together the outline and script, and were cast using some of the same actors that performed in The National Lampoon Radio Hour and the stage show National Lampoon's Lemmings.

Review. Christmas Vacation (1989) is the third in the National Lampoon franchise, starring Chevy Chase as the bumbling patriarch and Beverly D’Angelo as his hotter than hot wife. Unlike past ventures, they don’t hit the road, but their relatives come to them for a tradition Christmas. Of course nothing is traditional as planned.2/5(2).