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Oct 20, 2005 · Benzene Water Stripper sshep (Chemical) (OP) 19 Oct 05 15:44. I am designing a steam stripping tower to remove benzene from process water. The feed will be approx 100ppmwt benzene.It is desirable to recover the benzene as a hydrocarbon phase from a decanter style reflux drum, and reflux the aqueous phase back into the column.

If this happened, then the possibility existed that after the stream had left the stripper, the benzene in the solids would diffuse into the water and increase the benzene concentration above 72 ppb.

Air stripping is the transferring of volatile components of a liquid into an air stream. It is an environmental engineering technology used for the purification of groundwaters and wastewaters containing volatile compounds.. Volatile compounds have relatively high vapor pressure and low aqueous solubility characterized by the compound’s Henry's law coefficient, which is the ratio of the.