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Aug 07, 2017 · “What's the best way to masturbate (I'm male) without making a mess with the spilled semen? Can you suggest the best male sex toys for reducing the messy spilled semen around masturbation area and on penis?” I masturbate on my back with a tissue o.

Aug 28, 2009 · Health Men's Health. Next. Masturbate without the mess? Im a guy. 14. Just creamed the bed masturbating. How should i tell my parents and how do i avoid the mess next time. How can i masturbate without making a mess.with my cum? How do you masturbate without making a mess? How can i masturbate to internet p0rn without making a mess?Followers: 1.

Not sure how to masturbate without porn? Ask anyone over 40! Remember: your ancestors didn’t have the internet. Therefore they didn’t fall into the trap of numbing their pleasure response as thoroughly as you have (if you can’t masturbate without porn or porn fantasy). It’s also possible they didn’t masturbate nearly as much as men do.