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Onieals is a bit hidden, in the sense that it's in a pretty quiet part of Chinatown. A few friends and I stopped in on the day after Christmas, after having dinner next door. and it was good! Definitely check this place out! and if you're a Sex And The City fan, this is the bar they used as Steve's bar "Scout" in the show:) Food: Tater 4/5(319).

Sex And The City: 7 Restaurants From The Show in New York! the memory! The place is famous for its delicious hot chocolate, croissants, pretzels and other pastries. But for Sex and The City lovers, for its big brownies, of course!. The bakery is located at 3 West 18th Street. it was the Scout bar, co-owned by Steve and Aidan. On the.

Sex and the City Tour Sights (Free, Self-guided) This post is a tour of Sex and the City locations around NYC with video clips. We offer a free, self-guided tour as well as tips on fining Carrie’s Apartment and Magnolia Bakery.